I am a self taught photographer and web designer living and working on Vancouver Island. I’ve had a passion for photography since I was a young child. Back then I used to take my point and shoot and ask strangers if I could take photos of their dogs. I got a lot of weird looks but it never slowed me down. Now I’ve graduated to asking strangers if I can take photos of them!… and maybe sometimes their dogs.

I wanted to be able to utilize my photography for something more. That is when I decided to try my hand at web design. The two skills work together perfectly to allow me to make beautiful custom sites for clients looking for more personality and personalization to represent their business, and gives me the opportunity to photograph a wide range of subjects I may not have thought to on my own.

I consider myself lucky to be able to turn my passion for photography and design into a career, and there’s nothing else I’d rather be doing!

If you’d like to connect, for photos, a web project, or just to say “Hi”, you can send me an e-mail.